Acupuncture massage mat

Don't let the pain
ruin your life

  • Eliminates unpleasant feeling and discomfort
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Accelerates tissue regeneration
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Use Motion Mat for at least 30 minutes a day, paying special attention to your problem areas.

Pay attention to your health. Use Motion Mat for at least 10 minutes a day to eliminate the cause of ailments.

We recommend using Motion Mat to prevent the musculoskeletal system diseases.

Quick relief from osteochondrosis right at your home

The Motion Mat massage device with lotus-shaped applicators simultaneously affects dozens of bioactive points. Together with sewn-in neodymium magnets, this significantly increases its efficiency. Needles made of recyclable plastic do not damage the skin and do not cause unpleasant feelings.

Motion Mat works in several directions:

  • Stimulates nerve endings
  • Improves impulse transmission
  • Normalizes blood circulation
  • Accelerates tissue regeneration
  • Relieves pain and unpleasant feeling

Motion Mat was developed in the finest traditions of acupuncture, which has been practised for centuries to treat joints and spine diseases. The main difficulty of this ancient technique is the correct placement of needles onto biologically active points.

In order to achieve the desired effect, a course of at least 10 sessions is required, and each of them cost a tidy sum. Unlike acupuncture, Motion Mat is safe to use, it does not require expert supervision and is suitable for daily use at home.

Why Motion Mat ?

Removable cover

100% flax

Organic fabric, easy to wash, practical and wear-resistant.


Coconut fibre

Eco-friendly and durable filler, does not roll up, keeps shape.


100% medical plastic

Safe and hypoallergenic material, attached by heat press without glue.

Healing effect

Neodymium magnets

Improve body function at the molecular level and stimulate tissue regeneration.

The best device for home use

The Motion Mat massage device is an embodiment of the finest acupuncture traditions. Unlike needles, flower-shaped applicators do not damage the skin. The spikes irritate nerve endings and promote blood flow, relax muscles and remove spasms.

Give yourself a stress- and pain-free life

Richard Jacobs
a therapeutic exercises instructor
14 years of working experience

Motion Mat is necessary for everyone. First, even just lying on a flat surface for 30 minutes is useful, because often we sleep on uncomfortable mattresses or sofas, sit on bad chairs and walk crooked. Second, the stimulation of the nerve endings relieves pain and saturates the cells with oxygen. With regular use, the mat eliminates problems with the musculoskeletal system and restores damaged tissues. Exercising with Motion Mat relieves fatigue, prevents stress, eliminates pain, energizes and tones.

Motion Mat

Motion Mat

Motion Mat

Motion Mat

Will not give
a single chance

Neck area

Eliminates headaches, enhances mood, relieves spasms, normalizes sleep, tones and gives energy.

Exercise #1
Time: 5-7 min

Place the mat on a roller (a special pillow or a towel) and place it under your neck while lying.


Improves joint mobility, relieves pain in the pericardial area, normalizes blood flow, and stimulates tissue regeneration.

Exercise #2
Time: 10-15 min

Place the mat on a flat, horizontal surface. Lie on your back so that the mat is under your chest area, try to relax and not to move.

Lower back

Relieves pain, improves innervation, relaxes muscles, prevents congestion, accelerates the elimination of toxins and excess water from the body.

Exercise #3
Time: 10-15 min

Roll up a towel, place the mat on top. Lie down and place it under your lower back.


Stimulates nerve endings, improves blood supply and nutrition of tissues, accelerates cell regeneration, relieves pain and discomfort.

Exercise #4
Time: 15-20 min

Place the mat onto a horizontal surface and lie down. Do not change your body position for the first 5 minutes. Then move slightly to activate other acupuncture points.

IMPORTANT: do exercises while wearing a thin cotton T-shirt or without clothes. Direct skin contact with the applicators increases the effectiveness of the mat.

Motion Mat relieved their pain and brought back the joy of life

Sandra York

Motion Mat was given to me by my friend. I played for a bit with this mat and forgot about it. I remembered I had it when my upper back began to ache. And then I started lying on the mat. I didn't feel the effect right away, although the pain went away a little after, but then it returned again. The pain was gone only after a week of regular lying on the mat. The main thing is to use the mat regularly. Now I use it every other day. I've started using a cellulite mat, there are no results yet, I'll write about it in a while. I recommend it, a great thing!

Michael Barton

I'm very happy with Motion Mat. The result is really there. I use the mat along with my own exercise to strengthen my back. What problems do I have? Quite serious scoliosis of the lumbar spine and the consequences of the falling on my back. My back used to get very tired after an hour of walking, and I had to find a place to lie down — just sitting didn't help. I've been doing exercises for my back for over a year, combining them with acupuncture "devices", and my back really began to hurt less, and I can stay on my feet longer.

Susan Briggs

I've been suffering from back pain for several years. Massage and special exercises didn't help at all. But recently I got Motion Mat and I'm so happy about it. Just a few minutes a day, and the pain is gone. I completely forgot about the unpleasant symptoms in 2 weeks. As a nice bonus, my body became light, my mood improved, I sleep better and my constant fatigue disappeared. I use the mat in the morning and in the evening, I'm very happy, and I recommend it to everyone.

Vivian Waters

A few months ago, my daughter gave me an acupuncture mat when I first mentioned osteochondrosis and neck and back pain. To be honest, I doubted its effectiveness, but I accepted the gift. I used the "magic" mat the same day and almost howled, both my arms and back started aching so bad. In about 15-20 minutes, a pleasant warmth spread through my body, and it relaxed my back and neck muscles. The pain in my neck and left shoulder blade slowly eased and disappeared at some point. I fell asleep like a baby on this mat and slept for five hours, although I had to use it only for 10-15 minutes according to the instructions. When I consulted with a neurologist, I learned that I could lie on an acupuncture mat for up to 7 hours. It gave me energy, I don't have emotional stress. Osteochondrosis is gone, my neck almost doesn't hurt.

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