The way Kenya treats joints is just bewildering”. Prominent Indian rheumatologist gives candid interview to Kenyan newspaper

Dr. Mataji Havaldar Head of the India Apollo Hospital for Rheumatology:
Joint diseases have only one cause, and it’s the same one that the doctors in Kenya neglect.
Dr. Mataji Havaldar: "In Kenya, joint diseases are still treated with outdated and ineffective drugs that must be taken by the patient throughout all their life. While in India, treating joint problems is as simple as curing the common cold."
Last year Mataji Havaldar traveled to Kenya to study the experience of the country’s medics. He was disheartened by what he saw. According to the Doctor, the area of rheumatology in Kenya is in such a state that it's like it's stuck in the middle of the previous century. After making several high-profile speeches at the conference, Dr. Mataji Havaldar agreed to give us an interview. What was it about Kenyan medicine that displeased the Doctor so much? And why does he claim that the citizens of our country with sore joints will never be cured of their ailments?
- Speaking to indian journalists, you said that what you saw in Kenya shocked you. Could you elaborate?
- Before we get into that, let me just say that I have a great respect for your country, your culture and people. But I fully understand why my indian colleagues are, hm, puzzled by the state of your medical sphere. After all, it's lagging 20 or even 30 years behind the rest of Europe. And it's nowhere as noticeable as when it comes to the treatment of diseases of the joints and the musculoskeletal system. You can say that rheumatology simply doesn’t exist in Kenya.
What your doctors prescribe to treat joints and cartilages MERELY RELIEVES THE SYMPTOMS of the disease - pain, inflammation, edema. Now imagine what goes on inside the body. When a person takes this pill, applies this gel or makes this injection, the pain goes away. But as soon as the remedy stops working, the pain immediately returns.
And pain is an important signal, because it's actually a signal sent by your brain that a destructive process is taking place in the joint. Taking regular painkillers will not heal your joints. You essentially ignore the problem and accelerate the process 3-5 times and that, in turn, ultimately leads to irreversible changes and to the person becoming disabled.
This joint treatment method has not been used for 20 years already. pain relievers are used only in extreme cases and very carefully. In India you won’t be able to buy them without a prescription which are not given out left and right to every patient.
The so-called "chondroprotectors" are banned altogether for being completely fraudulent and useless drugs. Your doctors and pharmacists are just maiming people! It is clear that it is very profitable to constantly sell pain relievers at high prices. But it is better to cure the disease once and for all, restore the dying joint, but that's not what you do here!
- And how do you treat joints in India?
Dr. Mataji Havaldar:
- All indian doctors, from rheumatology professors to ordinary therapists and paramedics have long understood that it is necessary to eliminate not just joint pain, but also its causes. This is the key to easy and quick treatment. What is the main cause of joint damage? The deposition of ortho-salts in the joints and spine due to impaired blood circulation and synovial fluid circulation.
Urates - true salts of uric acid, the cause of gout.
Osteophytes - calcined salts, the cause of 96% of other diseases of the joints and spine. All types of arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism and even hernias. All these diseases have one cause - deposits of osteophytes.
Salts, deposited on the surfaces of the joints, begin to destroy a person's bone and cartilage tissue.When left untreated, they grow bigger and move on to devour muscle tissue, tendons, blood vessels and capillaries, thereby causing serious inflammation, swelling and severe pain.
In advanced cases, large accumulations of ortho-salts can easily break off part of the bone, when the person makes a sudden thrust-like movement, thereby causing complete disability and permanently immobilizing the joint.
A very dangerous misconception is that calcium is good for the joints. And yes, it is, but only for HEALTHY joints. When the joints already hurt or crunch, it means that a layer of osteophytes has already formed in them, and calcium, in addition to strengthening bone tissue, also strengthens osteophyte salts, accelerating their growth.
That’s why India’s rheumatologists first of all restore blood circulation in the riddled joint, so that the ortho-salts accumulated over the years are removed from it. This, in turn, restores normal synovial fluid circulation and initiates the process of joint tissue repair.
Salt deposits A damaged and inflamed joint Salt crystals Ortho-salt growths on the surfaces of the joint are the root cause of all pathologies
Human joints are actually very regenerative, they know how to quickly recover, like a lizard's tail. You just need to help them a little - free them from orth-salts that "cling" to them and then the body will do the rest on its own.
Back in the 90s, indian scientists managed to obtain a special form of quasi-vitamin B, the so-called alpha-arthropherol. It is obtained by synthesising natural ingredients: extract of maral antlers, snake venom, shark fat plus a set of more than 50 different extracts. The extract of maral antlers is the substance that is responsible for the active growth of animals' horns. In other words, it's main task is to create new bone tissue. Can you imagine the biological power of such a mechanism? There is nothing more effective in nature for activating blood circulation in human bones and joints.
This substance is able to penetrate into the salt molecules and destroy them from the inside - as a result, the surfaces of the joints are cleaned and proper blood flow and circulation of synovial fluid are restored. FOREVER! Or rather, until the salt accumulates again (but this will take several decades). You no longer need to CONTINUOUSLY use drugs to relieve pain and inflammation. There is no need to worry that one day the joint will "jam" forever, completely losing its mobility which will require the person to purchase prosthetics. People become completely healthy for decades to come!
I was shocked when I saw Kenyan medical statistics records. Do you know what results in the most disabilities in your country? Arthrosis! The same arthrosis that is cured in 2 weeks in India leads to disability in Kenya!
Today in Germany, joint diseases are considered mild pathologies. Pain and inflammation in the joints only indicate that they are "contaminated" with salts and it is time to clean them. After a 2-3 week course of "cleaning", the joints return to normal and you can forget about joint problems for the next decade.
Joint health problems, that in Kenya are still “treated” separately, in India and many European countries, have long been combined into one disease "Articulatio de sales" (Saline formations in the joints). This term includes:
  • Gout
  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Rheumatism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bursitis
  • Synovitis
  • Gigrom
This is a very short list, but other diseases are just subtypes of these nine main pathologies. For example, coxarthrosis is a subtype of arthrosis, etc.
And all these complications are dealt with very simply - by cleaning the joints. Absolutely safe and fast, you don't even need a doctor and can do it all in the comfort of your home.
- So how do you "clean" the joints over in India?
- Today there are special drugs that are designed to cleanse the joints from the salt deposits. They contain alpha-arthropherol. For example, one of the best products is Motion Energy . This gel contains methyl salicylate and rosemary oil which is a natural muscle relaxant. It has an analgesic effect within the first few minutes of use.
Another important advantage of Motion Energy is that it contains a combination of systemic arthro-vitamins, macro- and microelements designed to improve the functioning of joint tissue. In other words, it has a comprehensive healing effect on bone and cartilage tissue, synovial fluid, muscle fibers, on the tissue of ligaments and tendons. It contains over 6 natural ingredients.
Motion Energy Ingredients

Methyl salicylate

Kills pain and inhibits inflammations in joints, muscles and tendons

Methyl nicotinate

Has a warming effect

Rosemary oil

Non-addictive natural anaestetic. Blocks nerve pulse and by doing so almost immediately kills pain.

Eucalyptus oil extract

Stimulates synovial fluid production and reduces friction in the joint capsules

Cinnamon oil

Activates blood and oxygen circulation in tissues. This quickly relieves swelling and kills pain

Ginger extract

Stimulates tissue regeneration and speeds up the healing process. Breaks up and removes calcium salt crystals from joints

- Motion Energy as far as we know, is not sold in Kenyan pharmacies?
- Exactly, and that’s the problem. Kenyan doctors prefer to stuff the population with anesthetics and chondroprotectors, rather than engage in real medical treatment.
At the same time, I have no doubt that Singaporian rheumatologists, at least those who are interested in progressive methods of treatment, know about Motion Energy and its regenerative abilities. But they do not risk prescribing a drug that is not on the list given to them by the Ministry of Health.
As far as I know, the manufacturer of Motion Energy wanted to enter Kenyan market. But he wasn’t allowed to do that - hundreds of red tape obstacles sprung up in his way (the bureaucracy in Kenya is ineradicable). And it’s pretty obvious why that happened - if this drug appears in pharmacies, the pharmaceutical mafia will suffer colossal losses. After all, pharmacology is nothing but a business nowadays! Even in the well-developed countries of Europe. But, business there is controlled by the state, I won’t try to decipher the situation here in Kenya, I’ll leave that to you.
- What advice would you give to Kenya residents that suffer from joint pain?
- Ordinary people, especially those over 50, suffer the most from the backwardness of Kenyan medicine. It's not their fault, it's just the way the healthcare system here works.
But fortunately - there is a way out. We have made a deal with the Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Kenya to distribute the drug at a low cost to all of Kenyan citizens with joint problems. Now every resident has the opportunity to forget about arthritis, osteochondrosis, etc. forever.
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- For how long will the drug be distributed?
- While supplies last. But I want to warn you right away that there is very little of the drug left. We weren't expecting such a surge in demand. Word of mouth, you know? People pass information on to each other, tell their friends about it, order the gel for their family members. We were surprised that Motion Energy would become so well-known throughout Kenya so quickly. While Motion Energy is still somewhat in stock, I recommend all people over 45 to leave a request for Motion Energy

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