Age is not a vice that ruins your life! A 89-year-old cardiologist reveals the secret of her longevity and excellent health

The famous Filipino cardiologist, Maria Santos, retired at the age of 70, but didn’t just sit back suffering in old age, neither mentally nor physically. For more than 19 years, Maria Santos has been retired and the pension fund probably hates her! Today she is 89 years old and looks and feels like 60.

Many people greeted 89-year-old Maria Santos on her birthday. Picture of Dr. Santos’ work place.

Тhe secret of old age is in blood vessels. If they are clean and healthy, one can live 120 years or more, feeling in perfect health. The retired cardiologist is a living proof.

Our reporter managed to get an interview with her. Dr. Maria Santos describes in detail her methodology for blood vessel cleansing and prolonging life.

– Dr. Santos, you have repeatedly stated that clean blood vessels are the foundation of good health. Why do you think so?

– The answer is obvious. The work of all internal organs and systems depends on the quality of blood circulation. What is actually the blood circulation? It is the supply of oxygen and nutrients, as well as the removal of carbon dioxide and waste products from the metabolism in the internal organs. In childhood, adolescence and youth one is actively moving, the blood vessels are young, elastic and clean – the nourishment of all organs is optimal.

But as we age, we are moving less and there the vessels get clogged up . This is due to a variety of factors – not only harmful (e.g. smoking, poor nutrition, polluted environment, stagnant lifestyle) but also completely natural (e.g. lipid deposition, which happens to every person as they age).

What are clogged vessels? Imagine pipes that are full of rust. What is the end result? The result is that the pressure increases and the taste of the water itself is spoiled. The same happens with blood vessels.

When cholesterol or other substances are deposited in them, blood pressure (Dirty containers are the main cause of hypertension!), the blood itself has impurities, blood circulation is getting worse. In the end, all organs and systems suffer, and they, after all, make up the person. Because even the skin is an organ.

Gradually, one begins to age. If blood vessels are cleaned periodically, one can live for at least 120 years, with no illness – neither the organs nor the joints, and most importantly, their brain will work normally. This means that cleansing the bloodstream can significantly prolong life and improve health. And this is not just a theory. I have always recommended it to my patients, and I practice it today. Everyone who listened to my advice on time has survived their peers.

Thus, a gradual blockage of the blood vessels occurs. If you have not cleaned them once, and you have already passed 40 years, your arteries and veins are heavily polluted. This will soon negatively affect your health if it has not happened. Thus, a gradual blockage of the blood vessels occurs. If you have not cleaned them once, and you have already passed 40 years, your arteries and veins are heavily polluted. This will soon negatively affect your health if it has not happened.

– To what diseases does blood vessel obstruction lead?

– As I said, the whole organism suffers from it. But first of all, those organs and systems that are directly related to blood circulation, namely the cardiovascular system.

Contamination of blood vessels also causes other diseases such as:

1. Atherosclerosis. The vessels cease to function, the smallest veins are completely blocked, and the large ones have large deposits of cholesterol.

2. Ischemic heart disease. It occurs due to regular blood deficit in coronary vessels, which in turn develops against vascular contamination of the veins and arteries.

3. Stroke. With permanent damage to the blood supply to the brain tissues, nerve endings begin to die, resulting in the loss of certain functions.

4. Hypertension. When the blood vessels become narrowed as a result of obstruction, blood pressure is increased.

5. Varicose vein enlargement. It affects not only the legs (which often worries women), but also inside the body. One of the consequences of varicose vein enlargement is hemorrhoids.

6. Venous and arterial thrombosis. In case of prolonged contamination, blood clots can form in the blood vessels, resulting in complete destruction of the vessel, which in turn can cause the death of individual cells in one or another organ. If the thrombus clears and gets into the blood, it can cause blockage of the blood vessels in the heart, that is, a heart attack that in 70% of cases ends with death.

Types of heart disease

Four times more people die of cardiovascular obstruction than all other ailments put together. Doctors are aware of this, knowing that cleansing blood vessels is a necessity, but for some reason this practice is not present in our medicine. For hypertension, most doctors prescribe pills to lower blood pressure. But the pills do not cure the condition, but only provide temporary relief. And you just have to clean the blood vessels.

By the way, in the West, for more than half a century, people at the age of 40 onwards need to take care of that. There everyone is aware of the importance of cleansing the blood vessels. Our ignorance of the matter is frankly mystifying.

– Are there any symptoms that make it clear that vessels are obstructed?

– Yes of course. The main symptoms include:

1. Migraine
2. Poor memory
3. Chronic fatigue
4. Insomnia
5. Problems in bed
6. Deterioration of vision and hearing
7. Increased blood pressure
8. Dyspnoea and angina
9. Pale skin on the feet
10. Pain in the muscles and joints

But even if you do not have these symptoms, you still need to clean the vessels at least once every 5 years after 30 years of age. This way you will enjoy excellent health.

In fact, blood vessels are quite quick to gather obstructions, especially in the elderly. Do not think this is due just to poor eating habits. It is enough to eat sausage or even eggs occasionally to get cholesterol deposits. As time goes by, these deposits build up

– Could you tell us your secret to cleaning out your blood vessels?

Until recently, the process of blood vessel cleansing took me months. I personally picked herbs, searched for them on the market, or ordered them over the internet, then prepared them. I am not doing this anymore, as my foreign colleagues from the Institute of Cardiology have recently created a very good and cheap food supplement, designed to clean blood vessels.

It is called Diocator . It is generally designed to normalize blood pressure and improve hypertension, but it manages this through cleansing of arteries and veins. Therefore, it fulfills perfectly the purposes of longevity.

Order Diocator at 50% Discount

Diocator is a very good tool that allows the cleaning of even highly obstructed blood vessels within 1-2 weeks of regular intake.

Nais ko ring tandaan na ang suplementong pagkain na ito ay hindi naglalaman ng mga kemikal, ngunit tanging ang mataas na puro katas ng halaman at kumplikadong mga bitamina na kapaki-pakinabang para sa paglilinis ng mga daluyan ng dugo, kaya hindi lamang ito hindi nakakapinsala ngunit lubhang kapaki-pakinabang para sa katawan.

Patients still contact me for consultations, including blood cleansing. Recently I’ve just been recommending them this food supplement. It helps every time.

There are official statistics on the site of the Institute of Cardiology, the cleaning of the vessels, which was obtained from the results of clinical research. Approximately 2000 patients participated in the studies. All of them have taken Diocator .

Survey results:

  • Normalization of blood pressure within 1-2 days of taking the preparation – 99% of the participants in the study
  • Normalization of the heart rate for the course – 97% of those surveyed
  • Complete cholesterol cleansing for the course – 99% of those surveyed
  • Increased efficacy in the treatment of chronic diseases – 99% of those surveyed
  • Improvement of general health – 100% of those surveyed
  • Absence of side effects of the preparation – 100% of the investigated

How much does Diocator cost and where to buy it?

– You probably know that I’m a retiree myself, and I can’t afford medicine, prices being what they are. That’s why I would not recommend an expensive drugs. Diocator is a very affordable product, especially now – UNTIL Diocator IS SOLD WITH A 50% DISCOUNT .

The supplement is fundamental in combating hypertension. Under this program, anyone willing to receive the 50% discount is available.

More details on how to get “ Diocator ” with delivery to any point in the country

To order Diocator , the following is required:

  • Fill in the form below .
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  • After 1-4 days (metro manila) 3-7 days (outside metro manila) a courier will visit you and you will receive your Diocator shipment. (Cash On Delivery / COD) with FREE SHIPPING!

To maintain the purity of the blood vessels, I recommend the course once every 1-2 years. This is especially important for older people. If you fall into this category, you can greatly strengthen your health and delay the aging process. Ultimately, pure blood vessels are a guarantee of good health.

Thank you very much, Dr. Santos, for such a detailed interview.

In our personal conversation, Dr. Santos admitted that she still cares for her vegetable garden and helps her children, who are also retired. Her husband Gilbert is is 91 years old. They both do an annual course of blood vessel cleansing. In the doctor’s opinion, they would have died long ago, like most of their peers, had they not practiced this purification.

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