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A young Ugandian doctor gained international fame and an important award from the medical community for creating a product that treats joint disease. This discovery is helping millions of people all over the world prevent osteochondrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and other joint diseases, and also prevents blood poisoning caused by joint disease.

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Something amazing happened at the European Congress of Rheumatologists. The whole room was clapping a man, who was standing on the podium, for 19 minutes. His name was Maduka Abara, a young Ugandian doctor. He designed a unique formula that allows the treatment of joint disease at any age and prevents complete damage of the joints.

Maduka Abara had a brilliant idea and the scientific community of Uganda helped him realise it. Experts from clinics in the capital city and other scientific centres took part in the production. First results are already in and they are amazing.

Read our article to find out how a new product can save millions of people from life in a wheelchair and why Ugandians can get this product on sale now.

Reporter: Good afternoon, Maduka, you are one of the ten smartest medical students in the world. What made you specialise in joint disease?

I would not like to talk about it publicly, but my reasons are purely personal. A few years ago my mother got blood poisoning caused by deteriorating joints. At the beginning, she only had some joint pain; I was not worried because she did not tell me how much pain she was in. Then, after a doctor misdiagnosed her and gave her wrong medicine, she got blood poisoning. And she is not with us anymore.

I have been researching this topic for the last three years. During my work I found a new method of treating joint disease that everyone is talking about now. I realised I had discovered something completely new. But I could not believe that all the institutions would be interested in it.

My grandmother died of a similar illness. Back then I started studying the topic of joint disease and treatment. I was shocked when I realised that most products sold in pharmacies are useless chemicals that only worsen the situation. And my mother was taking them every day.

Reporter: We received some information about big international pharmaceutic companies being interested in your product. Did they offer to buy it from you?

As soon as people started talking about my treatment, I started getting offers to sell my idea. First a French company came and offered me 120,000 dollars . The last one was an American pharma holding, they wanted my product for 35 million dollars . I changed my number and don't use social media anymore, because every day I was getting too many offers to sell my product.

Reporter: But you did not sell it, did you?

I did not. Maybe it sounds harsh but I did not make this product only for international companies to benefit from it. And what would happen if I sold it to an international company? They would get a patent and the price of the product would be very high. Maybe I am young, but I am not an idiot. Under these conditions, Ugandian people would not be able to afford the product. One foreign doctor told me that this treatment would cost at least 3,000 dollars . And that is completely wrong. Who in Uganda is able to buy a product for 3,000 dollars?

So when I got an offer from a local medical centre to produce the treatment in Uganda, I agreed immediately. We worked with experts from the biggest medical centres in the country. It was amazing. The product passed all clinical tests and is available for people to buy now.

At the medical centre, the Director of Production was Igwebuike Abiola from the Rheumatologic Centre, an expert with 20 years of experience. We asked him to tell us about the product and the plans for the future.

Reporter: Doctor, could you please give us more information about the development of this new product, both as an expert from the Medical Faculty and as a rheumatologist? What is the basis of Maduka Abara's product? Does it really help restore joints at any age?

Maduka's idea is a completely new approach to treating joint disease, even in hereditary cases. It is no secret to specialists that all of today's pharmaceutical products can only help in the initial stages. Moreover, unscrupulous doctors often practice the approach of initially prescribing patients a bunch of drugs that only delay the inevitable. And when the moment comes that the person has practically stopped being able to move without experiencing pain, they then send them for surgery. How do outdated drugs work? Ineffectively, without selectivity, and with toxic side effects. That is a dead end, because outdated drugs only help to relieve the pain but not to cure the joint disease. They only deal with the effects, not the cause; these drugs do not cure, but only worsen the patient's condition. A new discovery called Motion Energy supports the proper restoration of joints. We tested Motion Energy gel on a group of 50 people with different levels of joint disease, in either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd stage of the disease. Studies showed that people in the 1st or 2nd stage of the disease were all completely cured, and 27 % of people with the 3rd stage of the disease were cured as well. Other studies showed that the joints went back to normal and people stopped feeling pain.

Here are the results of our patients:

This patient had rheumatoid arthritis of the knee, in stage 1. As you can see, there is no trace of the disease anymore. And after only 5 days of using the product.

Typical arthrosis of the knee, stage 2. Completely cured after 7 days.

This is a disease in stage 3. Arthrosis of the fingers. Also cured after a first treatment.

Reporter: What are the dangers of joint disease?

The first complication of knee arthrosis is long-term inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues. Therefore, even in stages 1 and 2, patients are often diagnosed with arthritis, capsulitis, tendinitis, bursitis, myositis, etc. All these processes cause scarring after soft tissue deformation. They lose their physiological abilities. There is a secondary instability of the knee joint, which in any case will lead to the separation or even rupture of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments.

The leg on the side of the lesion gradually shortens. The reduction in height of the joint cleft by even a few millimetres as the cartilage tissue breaks down is important for even load distribution with cushioning. When the shock-absorbing load is similarly distributed incorrectly, protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral discs on the side of the lesion begins. The sacroiliac joint is slowly destroyed.

At the beginning of 2000 our scientists realised that up to 90% of joint disease is caused by a single cause - which is insufficient blood flow in the joint. Therefore the cartilage is destroyed and the bone and surrounding tissue get infected. If you remove the cause, you can basically avoid very expensive surgeries.

Maduka's idea helps to regulate the blood flow to the entire musculoskeletal system of a patient. This makes it possible to completely eliminate the risk of destroying the joint at the initial stage of the disease. But it is definitely not enough to cure the difficult stages when it comes to complete loss of joint movement. In fact, that is why it requires so much effort from so many doctors and medical specialists to create an effective preparation according to the formula presented, which restores the tissue of the joints and the flexibility of the entire system at any age.

Reporter: But we thought that "reconstructing" a joint was not possible without surgery, especially after the age of 40?

This is all nonsense, and also pharmaceutic companies are just trying to make money. It has long been known that any system in the human body can regenerate. We just need to help; by eliminating inflammation, increasing blood flow and speeding up the removal of dead cells and toxins.

Reporter: How were joints treated in the past? There are many products available in pharmacies, isn't that correct?

Yes, there are really a lot of them. They are all based on the principle described at the beginning our conversation. The products only treat the symptoms - and that is all they are capable of. It will be easier for the person for a short time. Overall, however, they harm the joints rather than help them. Maduka was absolutely right. If you look at the formulas of the products available in pharmacies, it is clear to any specialist that they should only be taken as a last resort.

Reporter: How is your product different from those other ones? It seems that your product can restore the mobility of the joints completely.

The main goal of Motion Energy is to create new bone and cartilage tissue, in place of the damaged tissue, and to restore blood flow. Just one application is enough to activate more than 930,000 cells that take part in the process of joint mobility restoration. This is the key principle of our treatment.

During all this we approached the problem in a very serious way, just like Maduka. Motion Energy is not just a mixture of chemical formulas that travel from one drug to another, but a unique combination of extremely concentrated extracts of plant origin. This makes it not only maximally effective, but also completely safe.

Literally after just 1-2 days of applying Motion Energy people started showing an increase in blood flow. The cells and tissues in the joint were restored too and mobility has improved even in the worst cases. Moreover, compared to medical products full of chemicals, Motion Energy does not the damage skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

Reporter: Will your product be sold in pharmacies? And at what price?

I am sure you know that as soon as it became apparent that we had something really efficient and permanent, the pharmacists started attacking us on all fronts. Early on, they also offered to buy Maduka's formula and stop him from making it at home. On the contrary, not to get the product into production at all. Joint treatment is the biggest part of the pharmaceutical market in the world today. In the United States alone, sales of such drugs bring in billions of dollars. Our product can radically change the market situation. No one will spend money on old drugs every month, or even more on expensive surgeries and joint replacements once they can take a course of Motion Energy and restore joint mobility at any age forever.

Pharmacies are partnering with pharmaceutical companies and working together closely. And naturally they depend on the sale of the products. So they don't want to hear about us and our medicine. Not to mention that this is now the only preparation for the treatment of joint diseases and the prevention of complications in the form of complete loss of mobility and blood poisoning, the effectiveness of which has been proven in clinical trials.

Reporter: If the product is not sold in pharmacies, how can people get it?

We realised that if the regular pharmacies do not even hear from us, we can do without them. We have started direct distribution of Motion Energy without commercial pharmacies. We considered several options and chose the most effective one. Anyone who wants to buy Motion Energy can fill out an application form, we will contact them and send the product. Now almost everyone has access to the internet. Even if a person does not have a computer, they most surely have a phone with internet access.

During the period from to we are offering a promotional event so the people of Uganda can order with a discount. This is our sponsored programme to let people know about this product. I hope people will share their experiences and recommend the product to their friends.

Reporter: How much does Motion Energy cost with the discount?

We have a successful agreement with the director of the Association of Rheumatologists: 50 % discount for our customers . Luckily, the experts understand the importance of making the product available to everyone, not just individuals. We have promised not to sell our product to other manufacturers nor to export it abroad. It is intended for Uganda only.

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