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Scientists have discovered a simple and effective way to get rid of erectile dysfunction

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Experts made a discovery that helped solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction triples a man's chances of dying from a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and other diseases. The known drugs only worsen the situation, as they clog the vessels. The scientists' goal was to create an effective product to improve sex life, which will not ruin the cardiovascular system.

In recent years, erectile dysfunction has become a common problem, especially among men over 40. It turned out that Ashwagandha extract promotes the active production of the male hormone and increases vascular capacity by 55%. Sexual desire increases, additional activity appears during intercourse, and the quantity and quality of sperm increases as well.

Having studied the effective plants, scientists have created the Bluestone drops . It includes 11 extracts that have been used since ancient times to maintain men's health, as well as 2 amino acids, an antioxidant, biotin and quercetin. All these natural ingredients work together to maximize the effect. At the same time, they do not disrupt the work of the cardiovascular system, on the contrary, they improve the permeability of the vessels.

The Bluestone comes in the form of drops. The liquid form is needed so that the maximum amount of useful microelements is absorbed during the night.

For the Bluestone trials, researchers invited 400 men between 40 and 65 years old with various forms of erectile dysfunction and divided them into 2 groups. The first group of volunteers was offered to take the Bluestone drops, the other group - traditional pharmaceutical potency​ stimulants

After 30 days of the experiment, it was found that the effect of Bluestone is more pronounced than that of pharmacy products'. And special tests have confirmed that Bluestone does not affect the cardiovascular system. Men from the first group did not have any abnormalities. A third of the men in the second group, on the contrary, had problems with the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels - even those who were fine previously.​

Extract from the observation diary of a 50-year-old subject:
Before starting research, I had 2 years of bad experience with erectile dysfunction.
  • Day 1: An hour after taking drops, I had arousal. I decided to have sex with my wife. The intercourse lasted for 5 minutes, while the usual time was 30-60 seconds. Feelings were brighter than usual.
  • Day 7: Libido increased, I felt much more energetic and calmer. During the course, I had sex with my wife 3 times. During the sexual intercourse, I stopped experiencing tachycardia and shortness of breath.
  • Day 14: Urination got back to normal, and desire to urinate became less frequent. For 2 weeks, sex was repeated 5 more times. Excitement comes faster. My penis has become harder, I can feel the blood rushing to it.
  • Day 21: The fear of failure in sex completely disappeared, I became calmer both in life and at work. After intercourse, I noticed that the sperm became larger and thicker. I can now control the ejaculation. I can hold on for up to 20 minutes. I had sex 17 times during 3 weeks.
  • Day 30: All signs of erectile dysfunction and prostatitis disappeared. I began to feel much better both physically and sexually. Interest and strength for physical activities appeared in my life. I noticed that there is less hair left on the comb than usual. During the month of using the drops, I had sex 35 times. Now it is possible to control the time, the minimum time of the intercourse is 5 minutes, the maximum time is 40. And I'm ready to repeat in about 15 minutes.'

According to scientists, all ingredients of drops have a beneficial effect on men's health. In addition, the active substances of drops improve the emotional state, which helps with psychological impotence and manifestations of chronic stress.

Detailed results of the research

Group 1 receiving the Bluestone drops

2nd group that received pharmaceutical products

Erection improvement
Increased libido
Sperm quantity and quality
Testosterone increase
Prolonged sexual intercourse
Reduction of prostatitis symptoms​
Improvement of vascular permeability
Improvement of psychoemotional state
Reduced concentration of stress hormones
Increased physical stamina

Bluestone drops contains vitamins, minerals and useful trace elements that are necessary for every man aged 30+. Natural plant extracts and amino acids help to improve the intimate life and have a healing effect for the whole body. The drops help to adapt to stress. This improves brain function and helps fight the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Muira Puama improves memory, stamina and metabolism, which helps to control weight. Lycopene protects the prostate gland from damage and relieves inflammation.

The drops dilate blood vessels and pump blood, which not only has a good effect on erections, but also reduces the risk of stagnant processes. In addition, they increase testosterone synthesis and ensure the correct ratio of sex hormones. Biotin prevents hair loss and bitter orange extract energizes.

The longer and more often a man has sex, the longer he lives. Anyone can have erectile dysfunction due to the individual characteristics of the body. Comprehensive health care will allow you to remain confident, courageous, enjoy intimate life and please your partner for as long as possible.

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  • Greg Marshall

    You need to practice sports and eat normally so there are no problems.

  • Stacy Jiller

    Alas, healthy food and sports do not help everyone... My husband runs marathons, sticks to a healthy eating plan... Nevertheless, I searched the entire Internet looking for a working solution for erectile dysfunction, since none bought at the pharmacy helped... The point is that my husband does not see a problem, but it is right there...

  • Victor

    Be sure to try it! I started having erection problems after turning 40. Viagra and all other stimulants are contraindicated for me due to hypertension. Bluestone is my only salvation. I've been taking it for a month now. No problems so far.

  • Serge

    Once I saw Bluestone at my dad's house. I decided to try the drops, so that my father didn't notice. Well, I was shocked. My girl was really lost for words to describe what she felt. She said that she had never had such a sex with anyone. She even told all her girlfriends about me. So I read about this product on the net, they say the drops are something! And it is true! I'm going to buy it myself, to be on the safe side. The main thing is that they are natural and do not harm the body, so both young and old men can take them safely.

  • Anthony W.

    Dunno, I have erection problems for 4 years already, but my wife hasn’t left. Sex is not the main thing.

  • Kate Darson

    Don't want to judge anyone, but I have a friend who left her husband because he rarely slept with her. Someone does not need sex at all, but I would not be able to stay with such a man.

  • Andrew

    Do these drops help with rapid ejaculation?

  • Alex

    I started suffering from similar problem after 45, although before everything was ok. Then I started taking Bluestone . But it is necessary to take drops regularly. Now there are no problems at all. I can have sex for hours. So give it a try.

  • Mustang

    I also had some problems. I went to doctors, but to be honest, they didn't help, it was just a waste of money. I read about Bluestone on the web. On day 2, I realized that the product worked. I took these drops and now everything is ok. Recommend.

  • Mark J.

    I started having problems a year ago. Erections were unstable and very weak. Then I switched to Viagra and my heart screamed 'Nooo'. Fortunately, I started taking these drops . After the first intake, I had an erection. Sex became longer, I get aroused faster and I even forgot there were any problems before.