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Motion Mat
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No treatment can help your migraines?

Low blood circulation causes vessel spasms, headaches, and migraines.

Sick of constant pain in joints, muscles, back, lower back, and neck?

Muscle tension causes a constant feeling of overstrain, which leads to fatigue, pain and inability to relax.

Motion mat for an active life
Motion mat

The human body has many points, acting on which we can significantly improve our health condition, improve the work of the internal organs and body system.

Motion Mat is an acupuncture mat with gentle to the skin tips, which act on the nerve endings and activate them. Motion Mat combines not only the principles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, but also modern technologies, which enhance its benefits..

Neodymium magnets inside the massager create a magnetic field, which increases the efficiency of the joint treatment.

Motion Mat easy and healthy

The tips are made of recycled HIPS plastic, which can be furtherly recycled.

The patented lotus-shaped tips are positioned in a certain way, which ensures the best and even pressure of the needles.

Each massage mat is made of high quality, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials.

Linen makes the product breathable to avoid allergic reactions. The coconut fiber gives the desired shape to achieve a greater massage effect. Two neodymium magnets placed inside the mat create a magnetic field. It affects the speed of movement of calcium ions, which helps to strengthen bones and joints. Magnets increase blood flow and help relieve pain and muscle spasms faster.

What type of problems can be solved
with Motion Mat?
Relieves muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back, buttocks and feet.
Improves blood circulation and relieves spasms.
Eliminate the feeling of stiffness, numbness and swelling.
Relaxation, restoration of energy and stress relief.
Helps insomnia and headaches.
Improves posture and joint mobility.
Expert opinion
Victor Wilkin acupuncture and massage therapist

Pain and cramps can be tackled without medication. Back in ancient China, healers treated all problems with acupuncture. It helps get rid of pain and improves general well-being.

But this method has many disadvantages, including the risk of infection and various complications. Thanks to technological progress this technique could be improved and enhanced with special magnets.

Acupuncture Massager Motion Mat is gentle to the skin. The product is designed specifically for home use and can replace professional massage therapists.

You do not need special skills to use the product. It takes 5 to 20 minutes a day to improve blood flow and relieve pain and cramps.

Les Petersen acupuncture and massage therapist
Health Tips
5 minutes a day
Deep relaxation of all muscle groups of the back
Removing punctures, increasing blood circulation, getting rid of insomnia
Helps stress and fatigue, activates blood flow
Relieves of tension, relaxes improves endorphin release
Nicky 44 years old

I had bad headaches for a long time. According to the doctor it was a chronic condition and I had to live with it. I went to a massage therapist who gave me some circulatory massage. I felt improvements, but it was very expensive. From what I read I understood that I have to keep my circulation in control. And an acupuncture mat can help with this.

I chose Motion Mat , since it is the most affordable option, it has a special padding and special tips that do not injure the skin. As soon as I started using it, my pain disappeared, now I sleep soundly.

Anna 38 years old

I have disk problems, my back is very sore. I do a special workout and take massages. But if I skip a day I'd be bent in half. Ointments and pain relievers were useless. Following the advice of an acupuncturist, I decided to buy a massager.

From the first use my impression was very positive. It really relaxes the muscles, it feels like it moves the blood. Now I lie down on it every day and my problem no longer bothers me.

Antony 53 years old

I bought a Motion Mat as a relaxation device after hard work to relieve discomfort. I noticed the effectiveness after the first use. I used to have sciatica, but no more. In the morning I get up on the mat for 2 minutes, it helps me wake up, I’m in a good mood right away. In the evening I lay down on it and after a minute I am so relaxed that I fall asleep, although earlier I could toss and turn for several hours.

The size is very convenient, and the tips are just as sharp as needed. I had a similar map, but I was unable to lie down on it even for a couple of minutes. Motion Mat exceeded all my expectations.

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Motion Mat
take care of your most important asset
Made of ecological materials
Convenient shape and size
Can be used at home, in the office and on go
Improves blood circulation, relieves pain, stress and heals the body
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98 $
49 $
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